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Cheryl Pallant - Custom Poetry 1

New Love

Your smile -
remind me.
Yes, that wide beam
radiant stream.

My heart,
Hope not
the dope
of a fool.


Shed unwelcome
layers for
selfhood creativity
expressed, you
deep in your


Cheryl Pallant - Custom Poetry 2


Cheryl Pallant - Custom Poetry 3

Wedding Poem

Oh joyous day,
two join their lives
twine in sharing
love, laughter, fears
meals, dreams, and wonder
growth in bloom
wife and husband
husband and wife
hand in hand
heart to heart.
Oh joyous day!


Custom Poetry by Cheryl Pallant

Looking for just the right words, an occasional poem that captures your own thoughts and heart's desires? Get a custom keepsake poem written by published poet Cheryl Pallant. The topic may be a celebration of a loved one or a remembrance. The poem may honor fifty years of marriage or appreciation for a friend. "Occasional Poetry is the highest kind," wrote Goethe.

You talk with Cheryl by phone or by email. She asks questions, listens to stories, and then uses her talents to create your unique poem. For her, the making of poetry is a soulful act, manifesting feelings in words otherwise hidden. Your conversation with her is an artistic collaboration and an opportunity to make her writing a highly personalized gift from you to that special someone.

Once the poem is written, it will be graphically rendered and printed by Michael Noyes, framed if you choose, and then shipped to your address.


custom poem & graphics - $175

w/ 8x10 mat & frame - $239

w/ 11x14 mat & frame - $264

Please click here to securely provide us with your credit card number. (Your card will not be charged until the work is completed. The final price may vary from the one indicated depending on choice of framing.)

E-mail Cheryl at [email protected] or visit her site at

Books by Cheryl Pallant: Continental Drifts, Into Stillness, Uncommon Grammar Cloth, Morphs, Contact Improvisation




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