Calligraphy Art Plaques and Inspirational Gifts by Michael Noyes

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Didn't get a frame the first time?

Brushed aluminum frames by Nielsen & Bainbridge come with all necessary hardware, glass and instructions.

Acrylic frames, made of 1/8" clear acrylic, have been specially made to fit our notecards.

Acrylic Notecard Frame

4.25 x 5.5 Acrylic Frame ($8)

8 x 8 Frame

8 x 8 Frame ($27)

8 x 10 Frame

8 x 10 Frame ($29.50)

10 x 10 Frame

10 x 10 Frame ($30.50)

8 x 14 Frame

8 x 14 Frame ($35.50)

11 x 14 Frame

11 x 14 Frame ($40)




Check out Michael's Abstracts!


by Lynn Anderson Scherer

Oh, my. I was hesitant, given the price, but...more

by Judy in MD

Michael Noyes' notecards and calligraphy prints have been favorites of...more

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