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Another in the series of calligraphy art plaques and inspirational gifts by Michael Noyes in Richmond VA.

ABC's of Faith

ABC's of Faith, Calligraphy Art Plaques, Inspirational Gifts

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Ask and it will be given you. Believe. Consider the lilies. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Encourage. Forgive. Give to one from whom you will not receive. Hope. Instruct. Judge not. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Love your neighbor as yourself. Be Mindful. Do not Neglect the gift that is within you. Owe no one anything. Practice kindness. Be Quick to listen. Rejoice. Seek and you will find. Take heart. Understand. Value truth. Walk humbly. Strive to eXcel. Enter into joY. Be Zealous for the good.

Artist’s Comments:

Great advice from the New Testament, whatever religion or philosophy we may follow. Some truths are simply timeless, wisely guiding us on a higher path. I originally created the colorful italic capitals for my 26 Letters series.


(Artist's Comments are located on back of print.)

ABC's of Faith, Calligraphy Art Plaques, Inspirational Gifts

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