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  • Michael Noyes
  • Michael Noyes

Previously a certified master automotive technician, I have been a calligrapher and a graphic designer since 1997.

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I graduated from Columbia International University in 1990, majoring in Bible, foreign missions and teaching English as a foreign language. I studied calligraphy under several recognized masters, including Reggie Ezell and Timothy Botts.

Calligraphy is a meditative experience for me. I am present most, with pen and brush in hand, pondering these wondrous texts. I also meditate, play a Native American flute and dance the Argentine tango.

I once exhibited regularly at art shows and church conferences around the country, but now I mostly stay close to my studio in Richmond VA. Come for a visit sometime!







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by Gary, Ellie & Mo (the cat)

The two pieces we received look fabulous in our dining...more

by Susan Saxe

Beautiful calligraphy and fabulous, prompt service. Couldn't be happier...more

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