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Beautiful work

Beautiful work can't say enough good things about Michael Noyes. I will be ordering several more.

by grgnkat

I love this card!

This rating is for Psalm 150 only: I love this card! I love the Hebrew on it and the "airiness" of the rest of the verse w/ the notes. I always alert the reader to turn to the back of the card. So many people do NOT know what "hallelujah" means! Thanks for sharing your gift w/ the rest of us!

by Sheryl "Pinky" Pincus


I always think of Michael Noyes Calligraphy when I wish to give a lasting gift to someone. Michael's work is exceptional!

by anonymous

Graduation gifts

We have marked our children's graduations with framed inscriptions of Michael's calligraphy and have found the gifts to be fitting ways of celebrating their accomplishments as well as giving our children words to live by.

by Celine

Michael's calligraphy is wonderful!

Michael's calligraphy is wonderful! The first piece I ordered was beautifully done, arrived on time and was framed so handsomely. I just ordered my second piece. I know I will be ordering more in the future.

by anonymous

Fantastic Product

Fantastic product, really efficient service and a beautiful item to own.

by Sarah Darragh

On my VIP list for many years

I have enjoyed having Michael on my VIP list for many years. His Calligraphy delights my heart and soul. I can count on his web site to show me a perfect wedding gift, thank you gift, or whatever. Today I chose the framed Be Still and Know ... as the perfect present for an ocean friend.

by Sister Edna

Met my gift needs for years

Work by Michael Noyes has met my gift needs for years. Service is fantastic but exceeded by the quality of the products.

by Kathleen

It's so much more than the calligraphy

It's so much more than the calligraphy, it's his heart, his talent, his customer service, his humor. His work is a mirror of his beliefs, no wonder I keep coming back---I want to share that energy with my friends and family!

by QuinnCreative

So appropriate for many occasions

Michael's art is so appropriate for many occasions. Whenever I've ordered something from Michael for someone else, I've had a hard time parting with it. But the gift is always ooohed and aaahed over by everyone present and appreciated by the receiver. Michael's work for me has been flawless and his service is very reliable. I highly recommend him.

by Diana Barker from Oregon




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