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Michael's beautiful "Be Kind" masterpiece

I ordered & received Michael's beautiful "Be Kind" masterpiece. This beautiful piece of art came quickly in pristine condition. I am enjoying it immensely. I have bought other works by Michael at the Craftsman Classic show here in Charleston. Michael puts a piece of himself in everything he does.

by Darlene

Wait til you see them in person!

If you think Michael's work is lovely in print, just wait til you see them in person. Then when they are hung in your home they are outstanding. I love the unique note cards too. Everyone I send one too is very impressed as well.

by Barbara Moyles

Michael is a positive experience

Michael is a positive experience. It's reflected in his art, in his character, in his relationships with those around him. As a man, he faces the same challenges in his daily life as the rest of us. He does it with grace, intelligence and an awareness of the impact he can have on others. It's a joy to have his art in my home, and to think of him as my friend.

by Kent McDonald

A true master

Michael Noyes is a true master in the execution and utility of Calligraphy. I love the innovative ways words drawn by Michael on canvas are shown in beautiful colors and styles.

by Richard Herring


Wonderful, meaningful word art. Makes a special gift for those you care about. Spiritual and uplifting.

by Linda K

SugarLoaf Craft Shows

Every time I've encountered Michael Noyes at the SugarLoaf Craft Shows, I've had nothing but an enjoyable experience. His displays are fantastic! I've purchased two of his "Blessed" prints, one for my Mom and one for myself.

by Janina




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