Calligraphy Art Plaques and Inspirational Gifts by Michael Noyes


elcome to the gallery of calligraphy art plaques and inspirational gifts by Michael Noyes. You’ll find inspirational calligraphy plaques and notecards from various religious and spiritual traditions as well as from more contemporary sources. They make great gifts for weddings, graduations and for all sorts of occasions. And for a personalized gift make it even more special with an inscription. Michael can also create a custom design of any text for you!

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Bob Marley 3 of 3
Some People Feel The Rain

Just Beyond
Brian Greene

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Simple as Possible
Albert Einstein

George Bernard Shaw

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Philippians 4:13




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by anonymous

Michael's calligraphy is wonderful! The first piece I ordered...more

by Suzanne Angle

My sister wrote me a note on the Shaloam note...more

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